About Us


The Company

Kivos Ceramic is distinguished as a manufacturer and exporter in Wall and Floor Tiles, Porcelain Tiles, Nano Tiles etc. Tiles. We have collection of tiles which symbolizes the evolution of pristine ceramic tiles, focusing on the luxury segment with unrivaled technical, artistic and organizational standards.

We offer a wide range of environment friendly, germ free and chemical resistant tiles compliant to the latest technology of tile manufacturing. Our products adhere to strict compliance measures and international standards. We also deliver niche services on diverse fronts including tile manufacturing, design and implementation; that’s a life time of victory, achievement and innovation for our brand.

Company Thought

Our Mission

 Our expansion plans involve a formula of adopting state-of-the-art technologies, upgrading our design capabilities, developing staff and a high market intelligence that sets customer’s needs on our operation.

Our Vision

Success through smart work is our main object. We always aim to continue to understand the market’s demands, maintain a high level of creativity and exceeding our customer’s expectations with cutting-edge ideas, designs and products.

Eco Friendly

Kivos Ceramic is acutely aware of its responsibility to Mother Nature. We’re well aware of the rising pollution and alarming global warming issues affecting the entire globe. As a result, we make every effort to use environmentally friendly raw materials, machinery, and processes. As a leading ceramic manufacturer, we make sure that the manufacturing process produces little or no pollution, and we only use environmentally friendly raw materials.

Made In India

Kivos Ceramic is a firm believer in the ‘Made in India’ initiative, which aims to facilitate investment, foster innovation, and improve skill development. We try to use as much Indian-made raw materials and machinery as possible.