Best Quality
Something we never compromise for quality, We are commitment for quality, fulfillment of clients desire
Design Options
We have wide range ceramic tiles, with a endless product choices and style options
Easy to Maintain
Dirt, stains, and liquids all rest on the surface, allowing you to easily wipe or mop them away

About Us

Welcome to Kivos

Kivos Ceramic is distinguished as a manufacturer and exporter in Wall and Floor Tiles, Porcelain Tiles, Nano Tiles etc. Tiles. We have collection of tiles which symbolizes the evolution of pristine ceramic tiles, focusing on the luxury segment with unrivaled technical, artistic and organizational standards.

We offer a wide range of environment friendly, germ free and chemical resistant tiles compliant to the latest technology of tile manufacturing. Our products adhere to strict compliance measures and international standards. We also deliver niche services on diverse fronts including tile manufacturing, design and implementation; that’s a life time of victory, achievement and innovation for our brand.

Best Quality

Something we never compromise in our products and services, we are extremely committed for quality in products and services and fulfillment of our client’s desire.

Easy to Maintain

All our products are easy to maintain as they can be cleaned of dirt, stains and liquids very easily by moping and wiping.

Design Options

We have a wide range of products with an endless product choices and style.

Kivos Ceramic

Our Collection

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Kivos Ceramic


How we are working?

Our operation is always goal-oriented with an unflinching vision, an unwavering ambition, and an untiring determination that defines confidence towards the perfection

Who we are?

Kivos Ceramic is defined as Tiles Manufacturer and Exporter that focusing on the luxury segment including unrivaled technical, artistic, and organizational standards

What we do?

We tend to fulfill the expectations of our customers by providing quality & innovative products and build a strong long term profitable relationship based on mutual trust and respect